Lună: noiembrie 2020


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I am so happy figuring it out how to live and not trying to prove anything to anyone. Finally. It doesn’t have to be exhausting and to feel empty just to please everyone. I don’t need to live by affirmation of others but God’s. Steven Furtick explained in one of his sermons and I realized how sad it is to see the world through the wrong filters. If you compare yourself, you always end up unhappy. How such a small thing stands before your happiness and your grateful heart. . How is a modified photo on instagram, to look good. For whom is it good? as for you certainly not. You close the screen and see the reality. You have to love reality. Doesn’t it have to be good in your eyes, at least first?


I caught a thought

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~Don’t think, just breathe! It will all go away, all these thoughts that seems endless.. All this breaking heart feelings and this feeling that you are never enough and you’re never going to make it. You already did! You fought to be here just right in this moment. Don’t waste this moment worrying about what will gona be. Live this moment and say I have breath in my lungs and I will breathe to ease my pain. You are loved. You are worthy and wonderfully made. You are a miracle and you are unique. Jesus did it for you. You are his and He is yours, forever. Love you Holy Spirit~