Don’t carry a burden of an unwise decision!

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„God doesn’t measure like people measure. The Lord looks at the heart. 1Samuel 16:17
If you are a mom, you better have your own scale, and it better not be calibrated to somebody elses calling. Or to how somebody else s raises their kids. Or to how much money did somebody else’s husband makes, so you trying to keep up with somebody-your scales are off. Now you feeling the weight of an expectation that did not come from above. Cause you let somebody else set your scales! Pv11:1
Dont carry the weight of an unwise decision!

You really gona measure whether youre a good parent by whether or not your kids liked you today? Youre gona give them the stick? You better get on the scale! Am I doing this in God’s way? You tell them: „You don’t have to like me today, you dont need to understand it today, but I’m gona parent you the best way I know how”.. cause I put down my stick and I put my feet on the scale. YOU GOT TO TAKE THE LONG VIEW.. How do I measure this experience? Paul in 2 cor4:17 light and momentary with the scale(dacă măsor cu cântarul : prin ce trec e ușor și e doar de moment, dacă măsor cu bățul: e infinit de greu si parcă nu se mai termină ). My purpose outweighs my pain. My destiny outweighs my history. God grace outweighs my shame. God favor outweighs my failure. God grace weighs more!!! ”