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„Dont let the devil speak fear when God is building faith. Romans 8:19 (the creation waits with eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed) it doesn’t look like certainty.. APOKARADOKIA apo means to turn away – ignoring other interests.       (Eager expectation)  Paul had a hope that can’t be human/explained. *There is some fruit can only be born when you going through *.                                       But you have to focus, choose your focus right now. What am I looking at now? Am I looking at waves or to the One that created the waves? If I’m looking at wind, I’m gona fall. God show me something greater on the inside. KARA MEANS HEAD all you can control it’s what getting inside. You can’t have my imagination devil!! You cant have my meditation. Not dwel in sentences  of unworthiness. I’m not going to dwel in what was spoken over my life by people who didnt like me. Paul was imprisoned . If he looked at the chains he’d get depressed and if he’d looked at the situation he was in, he’d get depressed. I can’t look at it right now. I could focus on the pain but I’m focused on the purpose i could get petty or I could get praise. I complain or I get a reason to be faithful. DOKIA – To stratch forward. Paul said I’m LOOKING FORWARD. (to my fruit on the other side I’m looking further to a greater anointing . Looking forward- peace of heart and mind, night and day and a greater purpose (Romans 8:28).                   I KNOW I GOT A PURPOSE I KNOW HE’S GOT A PLAN I WILL SEE IT – you better give Him praise for what he’s doing. For who HE is! You are in a season when you must focus on God’s fruit your fruit.  You are gona make it, you are gonna see the other side if you focus on the fruit. About egypt.  Numbers 13:27 

They were so unfocused They didn’t eat fruit that they carried.
BUT FOCUS ON THE Fruit.. But you have a choice what to focus on how you gonna start your day? How you gonna start tomorrow? Where you gonna look at? Focus creats peace in a storm.

Giants/ insecurity /-Are you really going to let what you dont know become greater than the  God that you do? YOU KNOW HIM. FOCUS ON THAT.
Even if you clean our branches we will be more clean to the other side. I’m FOCUSED ON THE FRUIT (philipians). ” Steven Furtick