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„The problem is the pattern. Change the pattern. The pattern of your response. You can’t change the product if you’re not changing the pattern (work ethic, habits, some bad nights patterns). You make pattern very personal – BUT YOU’RE NOT YOUR PATTERNS. Problems are not the result of destiny but the result of decisions. We think this is suppose always to be cause this is the way it is always been. If you’ll change the pattern, God can change the product. You’re NOT STUCK! YOU CAN GET A NEW PATTERN. „Don’t be conformed with the patterns of this world”. You change the pattern and the product will change. You’re just always in a hurry – maybe that’s the pattern of your life. We interpret our decisions as our destiny. BUT EVERYTHING CHANGES! We get discouraged. We can get encouraged by encouraging somebody else. You got to pay attention to your patterns. When is all about me I can get discouraged but when I do smth for someone else it changes the pattern. And if the pattern of the day changes, the product of the day changes. I’ve learned my pattern of distraction so I know that when I’m doing something important, I’m tempted to be distracted. My pattern of distraction is I’ll do anything other than work on the thing I’m supposed to work on. (me too😆) You got to learn your patterns. Pattern of self pity for example->you embrace the feeling of being excluded->immediately interpreting things people say or don’t say as a personal insult to you. <- is a pattern. WHAT IS THAT PATTERN PRODUCING IN YOUR LIFE? DO YOU LIKE IT? YOU WANT IT PASS IT ON? to little ‘April’? Is that going to be your legacy? Because you will have a legacy and it will be your pattern. We set a pattern for our kids. They will fight with their spouse the way they saw us interact with ours. <- is a pettern. BREAK THE PATTERN! (like, with the alcohol) I’m not passing this pattern on to another generation! I’m not passing anger, etc. I’m changing the pattern. I’m CHANGED BY JESUS. I’M CHANGING. You can have a good heart and horrible habits and your heart can’t overpower your habits! You go to change the pattern. ” by Steven Furtick https://www.facebook.com/StevenFurtick/videos/225534059100812/