Love God


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„Who you listen to determines where you end up. Cause I think right now, you are walking through a valley between two voices : one is wisdom, one is worry/one is gratitude, one is grumbling. One is blame, one is faith. Now wait, the opposite of faith is doubt. No no no, doubt doesn’t keep you from having faith, doubt gives you something to have faith for. But blame will block faith every time. Blame will always block faith.(Paul was like) „But if I blame you, it is going to block me from receiving what I need from God in this moment.” There are some storms in my life I could have avoided. Some of the things that I blamed on the devil were really a decision. But some storms can be avoided. (ask Jonah) the only reason Jonah went through a storm is because he had an appointment God said: I’d rather take you through a storm /through a hard time than have you waste your life in the wrong place. If I have to send a storm to get you there, Of I have to shut it down to get you there, Of I have to remove people and comfort to get you there, you’re gonna get there if you listen to the right voice. PAUL stood up and said : „I hear you talking about how there’s no hope and I hear you talking about how it’s going to get worse /how it’s just this and it’s just that.. Paul said Last night an angel(I have an appointment with an angel) I got angels all arround me, protecting me and keeping me, I got angels on my side!! I’VE GOT GLORY out ahead. I’m here cause my angel said and you got an angel right now telling you : „You are going to make it!! In fact, you’re going to be better! Now who you are going to listen to? Your angel or your enemy? My angel said I am going to make it, my angel said that I’m right on time”

Steven Furtick